The New Gulfstream 100 Fibre Optic Blowing Machine!

February 22 2016

The New Gulfstream 100 Fibre Optic Blowing Machine!

The next generation in Fibre Optic Blowing Technology is here! The new Gulfstream 100 (GS100) incorporates an extremely efficient air delivery system that the unit uses less airflow compared to the other blowing heads. As a result, this allows the GS100 to blow to the same standard with considerably smaller air compressors, such as petrol engine driven Condux electric and petrol fibre blowing compressors, which both weigh under 25 kg.

GS100 CompressorGS100GS100 inside

GS100 Control Panel



The Gulfstream 100 has a novel interchangeable drive wheel system which allows it to install both EPFUGS100 Control Panel (enhanced performance fibre unit) and standard fibre, in size ranges up to 2mm and duct size up to 6mm OD.
Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, the GS100 eliminates the need for a separate power supply. the easy to use

control unit incorporates a load facility making it much easier to load the blown fibre unit. During the installation, the speed will automatically be adjusted depending on the length of the route and number of bends.

So if you are interested in getting your hands on the next generation fibre technology that will create more efficiency
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You wont want to miss out on this. GetĀ ahead in the field.