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Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA)

IVA – Individual Vehicle Approval IVA is a UK National approval scheme for vehicles and trailers imported, assembled or manufactured in very small numbers or as individual vehicles e.g. amateur built cars, bespoke trailers etc. It is a means of checking that vehicles broadly meet the technical requirements laid out in European legislation, ensuring that they have been designed and constructed to modern safety and environmental standards.

Compared to ECWVTA and NSSTA, the IVA scheme is the least onerous certification route in terms of compliance and is less costly but does involve a physical inspection of each individual vehicle requiring approval at a Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) site in Great Britain or by the Driver Vehicle Agency (DVA) if in Northern Ireland. Satisfactory completion of an inspection results in the issue of an Approval certificate. Certificates issued under the scheme may be acceptable under the European “Mutual Recognition” provisions in other EC countries subject to acceptance by the authority of that country.

What are the benefits and why do we need IVA?

Vehicles submitted for IVA inspections need to demonstrate that they generally comply with the technical provisions of Directive 2007/46/EC. The IVA scheme checks that vehicles constructed for non-European markets comply with UK law. Even vehicles which appear outwardly similar to European specification models, but are intended for other markets, can often prove unsuitable for use in the United Kingdom without at least some modification.

The scheme ensures that these vehicles have been designed and constructed to modern safety and environmental standards and helps make sure that they are safer on the road and have a lower impact on the environment.

Which vehicles will be affected by IVA?

The following list shows which vehicle categories will fall under the scope of IVA. If you are involved in the manufacture, conversion, import/export, sale or purchase of such vehicles, you are likely to be affected. In addition, if your vehicle is not covered by either ECWVTA or National Small Series Type Approval (British or similar National approval from another European Economic area Member State), then it will need to be approved under the IVA scheme and be issued with an Individual Approval Certificate (IAC).

  • Passenger cars & light goods vehicles M1 & N1
  • Larger passenger vehicles M2 & M3
  • Medium to heavy sized goods vehicles N2 & N3
  • Trailers O1, O2, O3 & O4

Is the IVA certificate recognised in other EC countries?

Certificates issued under the scheme may be acceptable under the European ‘mutual recognition’ provisions in other EC countries subject to acceptance by the authority of that country. The IVA scheme is designed to certify a vehicle’s compliance with National (United Kingdom (UK)) law. There is no obligation on other European countries to accept a vehicle for registration on the basis of this approval and no guarantee that they will accept it. If you are likely to wish to export a vehicle permanently, we strongly recommend you investigate the situation in advance with the country the vehicle will be exported to and ask whether UK IVA is accepted. You may be required to submit your vehicle for additional testing and/or pay a fee. For vehicles being imported into the UK under the ‘Mutual Recognition’ provision.

When does IVA not apply?

• Agricultural or forestry tractors, their trailers and interchangeable towed machinery, together with their systems, components and separate technical units and trailers designed and constructed specifically to be towed by them.
• Quadricycles.
• Tracked vehicles.
• ‘Incomplete’ vehicles (except until October 29th 2014 in respect of an incomplete Heavy Goods Vehicle)
• Old vehicles (i.e. passenger cars and light goods vehicles over 10 years old and large goods vehicles over 25 years old).
IVA does not apply but is optional for the following :
• Vehicles designed and constructed for use principally on construction sites or in quarries, port or airport facilities.
• Vehicles designed and constructed for use by the armed services, civil defence, fire services and forces responsible for maintaining public order.
• Mobile machinery.

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Disclaimer: Page information sourced from gov.uk.