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About Underground Systems Ltd

Underground Systems Ltd is one of the UK’s top winch hire, winch sales, servicing and support companies – offering one of Europe’s finest range of Winches, Pipe Bursters and Fibre Optic Blowing Machines and Equipment to companies worldwide.

Underground Systems offers a range of winch products and services for which are backed by the skills of highly experienced winch engineers, that we believe can fix or advise any queries you have. Proving we are one of the top companies in Trenchless Technology in the UK.

Industry-leading and friendly winch experts. We have an extremely strong customer-service ethic, working closely with our customers and clients to make sure they achieve the best results and outcome from job projects and situations. Offering free, helpful advice to help us identify exactly the right winch for the right job and any related services you will require for each specific application. Our industry-leading expertises in winch and in the trenchless technology industry enables us to not only source and provide winches for the right job, but also to develop new bespoke winches where standard winches don’t meet the customers’ needs.

Standard and bespoke winches, engineered to meet specific needs. Skilled winch technicians and a nationwide network of winch service engineers. Total service support, including maintenance, breakdown and testing. Expertise in hydraulic, diesel, pneumatic, electric and mechanical winches

Worldwide supply of winches and winch engineers. We supply winches and skilled teams of engineers all around the world and have particular experience in the UK utilities industry.

Our winches are available to hire or buy – with winch hire terms from just one week to several years. Our winch engineers have unparalleled expertise and are available to install, configure, test and repair winches for specific projects. Winches for any application.

No job too small, No job too big. Anything is possible.

We offer Fibre optic cable blowing machines that are used extensively throughout the global telecommunications and fibre optic cable installation networks and enable single length,mid-point and series cable blowing. The cable blowing machine uses compressed air to propel the cable through the duct. This method of cable laying provides a consistent, uniform pulling force along the full length of the cable. please take a look at our Fibre Optic Blowing Machines for more information and specifications


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